Science Fair 2019

There are loads of websites with ideas for Science Fair projects.  The websites below are just a start.


How to decide what to do


What are you interested in?

The choice really is yours.  It doesn't have to be anything to do with the Science you have been doing at school, although it certainly could be.   Medicine, veterinary, psychology, electronics and computer based projects are absolutely allowed.  Have a browse through the websites and see what takes your fancy.  Obviously you can come up with an entirely new idea of your own.


What will you present?

It is important to remember that you are entering a Science Fair which means that you have to turn up on the day and stand in front of whatever you have done.  It is certainly OK to make a written presentation but you must think about how it is going to look at the Fair.  It would be better to make or do something that you could show people as they come around.  Either way, it is you who will have to answer questions on the day so make sure you do your own work.


What if I need equipment?

You may well need specialist equipment to carry out your project.  If we have it in school, you are welcome to use it.  If you need something we haven't got, you will have to buy it yourself.  Lots of the sort of things suggested on the website are low cost.  If you don't want to spend any money, chose wisely.


Where can I find out more?

The first link contains hundreds of ideas.  I would suggest you browse through and make a shortlist.  The suggestions below are only the beginning.  I found them by typing "Science Fair projects" into Google and YouTube.  You could do the same.




What do I do when I have decided what I am going to do?

Tell one of your Science teachers.  It is important to talk to someone sooner rather than later.  It is easy to pick an idea that just isn't going to work for reasons that you might not know (health and safety, cost or difficulty for instance) so it is best to check before you get too involved.  Ideally you would have agreed your project title with your teacher before half term.  However, you are not expected to start working on it until after your exams are finished.


Who can help me?

We always encourage parents to get involved with their daughter's learning.  Taking advice and support from interested parents is definitely allowed. Getting them to do it for you is not.  Remember, you will have to stand in front of it so if you  don't know what is going on, it will really show.