To do before we meet again


1.  Read the home page of the website.  It explains the structure of the course and the flipped learning approach that we will be adopting.  Those of you who are not taking A-level Maths might want to pay particular attention to the Maths Skills section.


2.  Have a bit of a read of the website generally.  The flipped learning approach starts from day one so be prepared.  We will start from the beginning of module 2 and work our way through in an orderly fashion.  Module 1 is the practical stuff which just comes up whenever.  Reading it before we start would be an excellent plan.


3.  Watch this video.  The Map of Physics - an explanation of how all aspects of Physics link together.


4.  Watch at least two physics related Ted Talks.


5. If you like to read then here are some suggestions, although, of course, there are many other books worth reading, and many places other than Amazon to buy them!


Storm in a Tea Cup - Helen Czerski

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics - Carlo Rovelli

Six Easy Pieces - Richard Feynman

In Search of Schrodinger's Cat - John Gribbin


6.  Complete the summer task as detailed below.



Summer Task

Misconceptions are a common problem in Physics.  There are a number of very common ones, often to do with forces.


Here is a short quiz about some of the many of the very basic misunderstandings.  Take the quiz as a starting point .  (You may need to create an account then type "Physics Misconceptions" in to find it again.)


Your challenge is to research these and other misconceptions and prepare a (very) short presentation explaining at least one.  There can be a power point or other visual aids involved, but there doesn't have to be.

You do need to be able to state the problem and explain the correct answer clearly.

You should feel free to do more than one.  Three would seem a reasonable number to me.


It would be a good idea if you communicated with each other in some way so you don't all end up doing the same ones.

You will present them in the first lesson back in an informal way.  Don't get stressed about it.  No grades will be awarded, but it will be very clear whether you have put any effort in or not.  It's for your own good.